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2004 Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible


2004 Ford Mustang Cobra
Mustang Cobra
Exterior Color:
4.6 Super Charged V8

2004 Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible. In the summer of 2003 the SVT Mustang Cobra arrived with the Mustang's first-ever factory-supercharged V-8. The blown engine's 390 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque buried itís predecessor specs. The Eaton blower--similar to the one used in the SVT F-150 Lightning--is the reason, but this was not a simple bolt-on application. The supercharged Cobra reverts to an iron block, which was necessary to handle the higher power output. It has a forged steel crankshaft as well as the connecting rods and pistons. also forged. The flywheel was switched from iron to aluminum for a sizable reduction in both weight and inertia. SVT claimed these changes alone shaved 0.2 second off both the 0-to-60-mph and quarter-mile times, because it allows the engine to rev so much quicker. The five-speed, the shifter curves away from the driver,(there was no automatic offered). Other driveline pluses include a beefed-up clutch, which engages lower in its travel. The U-joints and half-shafts have been strengthened as well, and the driveshaft is aluminum. The final-drive ratio 3.55:1. Not only are the mechanicals awe inspiring to drive but the creature comforts add to the splendid overall driving experience. Now is your chance to own this quick Pony for only $18950

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