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1990 Chevrolet ZR1 Corvette


1990 Chevrolet ZR 1 Corvette
ZR 1 Corvette
Exterior Color:
5.7 Liter LT5

1990 Chevrolet ZR1 Corvette. The ZR-1 brought "sexy" back with a low-slung beltline, voluptuous hood and toned backside. But check out the attention to detail: black moldings tuck away gaps better than a frantic Goldman Sachs auditor. A wide-body rear avoids tuner boy lumps and scoops with passion and precision. The understated flare in the ZR-1's doors proves that GM could put Pininfarina on notice. The quad-cam V8 is loaded with Lotus-fettled technology, bursting at the seams with 375 horsepower built by (get this) Mercury Marine's finest craftsmen. With 0 to 60 sprints in 4.6 seconds, a top speed of 180mph and at sticker price under 60 grand ($58,995), the American had joined the big leagues. Let the clutch out and a rush of sixteen fuel injectors fans the flames, while thirty-two valves keep the pressure on your cerebral cortex to a Honda-like 7500 rpm power peak. The ZR-1's V8 rumbles at the bottom end and screams bloody murder, F355-like, at the top of the power band But the ZR-1 isn't all motor. The Corvette C4 underpinnings took no prisoners during their SCCA-dominating tenure. Porsche was powerless, so Ferrari was next. Even with an extra 100lbs up front, the ZR-1's low center of gravity and blessed suspension at to the world class levels of this Chevy. Here is an incredibly rare low mileage, 220 miles to be exact (and this isn't a typo), that can put your mother-in-law cardiac arrest for the alert enthusiast price of only $39950.

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