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2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500


2010 Ford Mustang  Shelby GT 500
Mustang Shelby GT 500
Exterior Color:
5.4 Liter Supercharged

2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 At the top rung of the Mustang ladder in 2010, the GT500 disposed of the Mustang GT's 315-hp 4.6-liter V8 for a supercharged 5.4-liter version. This engine had been around for while, but thanks to less exhaust back pressure, a cold-air intake, and a subtle recalibration, the motor now makes 540 horsepower—30 more than before. Despite the extra power, the GT500 is slightly more fuel efficient, garnering a 2 mpg improvement on the EPA highway cycle, to 22 mpg. The GT500 feels even more lively thanks to a shorter rear-end ratio (3.55:1 versus 3.31:1). To ensure that the new rear end won't make the car too busy on the highway, the engineers made the top two gears of the six-speed manual transmission taller. They also revised the linkage, for shorter, quicker throws. Quicker is also a good way to describe the new suspension. With stiffer springs, new shocks, and tweaked anti-roll bars, the engineers made the GT500 cut into corners precisely and with less body movements. The tires are Goodyear Eagle F1's specifically designed for the car. The rear tires use two belts instead of three to maximize the contact patch during acceleration. They also specified 19 inch wheels. The GT500 benefits from the recent reskin. Of course, there are plenty of unique bits on the Shelby version. The aluminum hood sports functional air extractors. A new front air dam and rear spoiler altered the aerodynamics for better high-speed stability. And there's the Cobra badge on the grill, which was moved from the right side to the left to allow a clear air path to the cone-style air filter. Inside, the GT500 has sewn-in stripes on the seat that match the color of the body stripes. A programmable shift light resides in the tachometer. There's also the world's most perfect shifter, a round white cue ball that fits perfectly in your hand, and a dimpled dash cover. For techno geeks, Ford's excellent SYNC system is standard and the vibrantly colored navigation system is included. Of course, one can drive more aggressive since there's a stability control system, but you will rarely feel it engage. And it's not intrusive, but more like a gentle nudge to tell you that maybe you're going a bit too quick. This confident handling isn't achieved by sacrificing the visceral thrill you want in a pony car. The super charger is quieted, so the wonderfully burbly exhaust is more audible. The steering is quick and light, but void of slop. The twin-plate clutch is light and it engages smoothly, a perfect ally to that cue-ball shifter and the well-defined gates it engages. The brakes are always reassuring and the pedal is close enough to the throttle for easy heel-and-toe work. This White and Silver striped pumped up Pony will have you salivating for the next curve or chump that thinks he can show you the way. Don’t miss out this 3400 mile example for only $44950.

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