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2004 Chevrolet SSR


2004 Chevrolet SSR
Exterior Color:
Bright Red
5.3 Liter FI

2004 Chevrolet SSR Every so often one of the leading manufacturers comes out with something that captures the attention of a wide swath of Americans. Other manufacturers have had their turn in the limelight with some now well-known cars; for 2004 it's Chevrolet turned up with the SSR custom truck. If you took upwards of $250,000 to a well-known custom car builder and specified a unique vehicle with a more-than-passing resemblance to a Chevy pickup from the late 1940s, you might get something much like the SSR.. And it has something that could be difficult and very expensive for an individual fabricator to build - a power-operated, fully-retracting steel hardtop. ``SSR'' means ``Super Sport Roadster,'' and it goes from hardtop to roadster at the touch of a button. Under it's unique steel skin is a frame based on that of Chevy's mid-sized TrailBlazer SUV, with an aluminum-block 5.3-liter version of the ``small block''V8 That provides appropriate power and rumble. With 300 horses and 310 lb-ft of torque, it's not merely a show machine, but has plenty of go and the makes all of the right sounds. For this type of vehicle, styling is paramount. And the SSR's designers absolutely nailed the retro-meets-contemporary custom look. Chevrolet has built on its heritage, but the result is fresh and modern. The metallic trim at the top of the grille, and the horizontally-barred body color grille itself are faithful to the original; the stylized metallic crossbar below it, extending through the compound headlights, is contemporary Chevrolet. The body is narrow and the fenders are huge - from necessity, as they are filled by gigantic 255/45 HR19 tires on eight-inch wide aluminum wheels in front and even larger 295/40 HR20s on ten-inch wide rims in the rear. The body is raked up at the rear for the time-honored look of performance. It doesn't matter whether the top is up or down, the SSR's proportions are right. With it's be retro-modern exterior, the SSR is completely contemporary within with ``double cockpit'' styling and bight but non-distracting metallic trim. It's strictly a two-seater, and space to the sides is tight. Upholstery is leather, as is the rim of the tilt-adjustable steering wheel, and the seats are power-adjustable except for manual seatback rake, but adjust everything before closing the doors. Body-color paint on the console and aluminum trim around the meaty metal shifter are nice touches. To convert from hardtop to roadster or back, merely stop, put it in ``Park,'' put your foot on the brake, and hold a button down for about 30 seconds. The top folds neatly into the space between the cab and the cargo area. Unlike some similar vehicles, you won't need a trailer to carry things when traveling in an SSR. Under the tonneau is 23.7 cubic feet of space, aided by a standard liner and built-in cargo tracks for tie-down. The tonneau is removable if necessary. Now’s the time to enjoy the sun in this fabulous factory built custom truck for only $22950

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